This Dude Hilariously Recreates Girls Ridiculous Tinder Pictures! WTF!


Dating app Tinder has taken the world by storm and so has Jarod Allen from Australia. This Australian has taken a dig at girls and their provocative poses in the most hilarious and tasteful way. Get ready for a laughter riot because the ‘Tinderfella’ has casted a spell of tickles.

Tinderfella 1 Tinderfella 2 Tinderfella 3 Tinderfella 4 Tinderfella 8 Tinderfella 7 Tinderfella 6 Tinderfella 5 Tinderfella 9 Tinderfella 10 Tinderfella 11 Tinderfella 12 Tinderfella 13 Tinderfella 14 Tinderfella 15 Tinderfella 16 Tinderfella 17 Tinderfella 18 Tinderfella 19 Tinderfella 20